Money Saving Tips

If you buy the National Post from the newsbox in from of The Guardian on Prince Street, it will cost you $1.00. If you step inside and buy it from the front desk, it will cost you only 75 cents.

If you want to withdraw money from a “foreign” ATM in downtown Charlottetown, the National Bank will only charge you a $1.25 fee, whereas the TD will charge $1.50. [Thanks to Dan James for this pointer]

If you wear an additional pair of socks and a tight-fitting pair of slippers, your feet, and thus your entire body, will feel much warmer, and you needn’t have the heat on as high in your frigid house.


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Ken on January 16, 2004 - 19:20 Permalink

I save money all the time by never purchasing the National Post, a banker’s newspaper, I guess I have cold feet.