Monday Morning Update

Okay, I’ve decided that today will be the day I stop pining for pain au chocolate and the gentle winds of France and return my head back to Prince Edward Island. Apologies to friends and family for three weeks of plaintive moaning.

To go with the return to home I’ve got a new morning routine worked out that involves a sesame bagel with cream cheese and tomato and a pot of English Breakfast tea at Timothy’s. For $3.38 I figure I can’t go wrong.

Just to confuse my newfound sense of familiarity, my friend in the aubergine jacket has mixed up his morning routine, diverting to the under-new-management café in the Polyclinic. This means that our paths now cross at the corner of Prince and Grafton. Very confusing, but not unwelcome.

I picked up the National Post after my encounter with DJM (they sell it at the Guardian office), and noticed the following example of “corporate synergy” (red arrow is mine):

(I got the front page snap from this helpful page at the Newseum). The complete story is here (behind a fee gateway), but you can rest easy that it’s a corporate sister puff piece that extolls the totally excellent shows on Global this fall.

And finally, I noticed yesterday that Fido’s network has expanded and seems, at least from their tiny map of Atlantic Canada, to now include most of Prince Edward Island. Johnny and Jodi had abysmal service from Fido, so I’m not eager to jump ship to them, but then again they do have the cool Danger Hiptop.


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Mark M on May 30, 2005 - 18:50 Permalink

If you can hold out aparantley Virgin Mobile is coming to atlantic canada shortly, not sure who’s towers they will be riding in on but its another player to the getting pretty damn crowded cell phone industry in this area..

At your service
Right now, you can take your phone and get Virgin Mobile service in most of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta

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Yeroc on May 30, 2005 - 19:28 Permalink

The reason Fido’s coverage is expanded is due to it being bought out by Rogers…