Mobile Friendliness

One of the consistent bright spots on the Island Tel (err, Aliant) front is the company at least formerly known as Island Tel Mobility.

I have consistently found the staff at Island Tel Mobility to be friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, whether in person at the Phone Centre or on the telephone. They know their products and services, they know their internal systems, and I’ve never asked a question that they haven’t answered fully and quickly.

Interestingly, and perhaps contrary to what you might assume, Island Tel Mobility’s services are priced competitively with the rest of North America, and most times their service plans are cheaper and require less commitement than comparable plans on carriers like Verizon and Sprint in the U.S. (especially when you factor in the U.S. exchange).

The latest development is their unveiling on an online billing system that lets you view, download, report on, and pay for your cell phone service. In traditional Island Tel style the interface is clunky, and entirely unrelated to any of their other systems. But it works, and the ability to download call detail records as an ASCII comma-delimited file is wonderful.