MMP Killed my Sheep and It’s Coming for Yours

The first of the publicly-funded mixed-member proportional representation referendum advertising hit PEI mailboxes today, from the No side.

MMP… Confusing, Complicated and Dangerous screams the headline, hyperbolic enough to make me wonder if it’s a parody.

The silver lining here might be that, many Islanders—most, perhaps—will see through the fearmongering and consider the referendum question in a more thoughtful manner.


Andrew's picture
Andrew on March 12, 2019 - 13:44 Permalink

What's sad is that tax dollars paid for that advertisement, yet we have people living in extreme poverty with no fixed address, as well as a pile of other social issues that could make much better use of that money.

Larry Cosgrave's picture
Larry Cosgrave on March 15, 2019 - 13:23 Permalink

Screaming hyperbole and smacks of fear.