Microworlds from Elephant Magazine

Elephant magazine is a lush magazine with sharp typography and beautiful illustrations. Unfortunately it tethered strongly to print, and its web presence, such as it is, it more digital paper than useful companion.

The latest issue has a fascinating section on “microworlds” – artists and photographers who create worlds in miniature. By way of helping others who found this equally fascinating, here are the artists that were profiled:

That seems like a sufficient microworlds bibliography to give anyone a foothold on this artistic sub-genre.

For me it’s less about the art than it is about pondering what wonders I could have created in the sand pit under the willow tree in our back yard when I was a kid had I had access to such inspiration.

You can buy the printed Elephant at Indigo in Charlottetown, or you can buy a digital copy from the magazine itself for 10 EUR.