Meeting Martin (Again)

Six years ago I first met Martin Roell thanks to a Plazes-fired happenstance at the reboot conference in Copenhagen. It was and remains the nonpareil Plazes moment: a geo-social meetup of the like-minded. It never, alas, happened again. At least in that happenstancy a way.

But the echoes of that moment keep resounding: Ton was also there that night, and I’ve been doing some Drupal migration work with him on the ePSIplatform (we’re also both shareholders in a boat); we had Skype call just yesterday from here at Betahaus where I’m renting a desk for the summer to his office in

And this morning the happenstances kept stancing: walking into Betahaus this morning I found the “betabreakfast” about to start – it’s a sort of one-hour Zap Your PRAM held every Thursday morning – and who should I see sitting at the breakfast table but the selfsame Martin.

Once the festivities were over, we had a good chance to catch up on the last 4 or 5 years since we’d seen each others – monasteries, children, travel, work, life – and we made plans to reconnect in August. It was like meeting an old friend. Actually, it was meeting an old friend.

The moral of this story: fleeting connections, no matter whether they are geo-enabled or happenstance of a very analog sort, can be a wonderful, enabling thing. Perhaps the best reason to jam shyness propensity into the deeper recesses.


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Oops you forgot the word Berlin in the sentence

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You did not write out something on this page and KD is feeling funny today and when will we leave for the comic shop come on dad you left me here with mom without you

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At daylight I am writing on your side of the screen

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I mean not @Yourwork

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You are not here with me today
At Graef St