Meeko’s: The Reinvented Instant Review

Sitting outside on Victoria Row on a blustery but otherwise very pleasant summer day. The Cameron Block provides sufficient shade so as to make on-street laptop use possible.

Today I finally decided that it was time to recover from the loss of The Black Forest Cafe and visit its replacement, Meeko’s Mediterranean Cafe and Grill.

Experience was as follows: falafel was presented unusually in a 1/2 moon pita; it was overloaded with filling, and thus something of a challenge to eat without spilling all over myself. It was, nonetheless, quite tasty. My heart was truly won over when my request for unsweetened herbal iced tea was greeted by my server without the usual scorn that such a request brings; the resulting peppermint iced tea was fantastic.

To finish, the dessert, which had the words chocolate, hazelnut, orange and torte in some order in its name, was very good — a nice balance of the components and not too sweet; the only downside was a backend crust that was too solid to easily fork.

Server was quick and professional.


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Alan on July 10, 2002 - 18:38 Permalink

Have the eqyptian coffee if you like a hit. It has herbs like cardimon in it.