Me, A Person From Canada

I was listening to this interview with Stefan Kellner and Felix Petersen by Nicole Simon — one of her podcasts in advance of Digital Lifestyle Day in Munich — on my way home this afternoon.

Nicole starts off the podcast by telling a version of my Hey, Plazes works! story from reboot. Which just goes to prove that success stories are viral. In Nicole’s version of the story, I become the subject — “a person from Canada” — rather than the object, switching places with Ton and Martin). It’s still a cool story, though.

DLD sounds cool, and if it weren’t full, I would have tried to combine it with my trip to LIFT the week after.


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Nicole on January 25, 2006 - 18:44 Permalink

*think* I did tell it wrong? Yes I do have a very bad memory of things, but I would like to get this right. And I know that I meant you — I just did not wanted to splat out your name for the story in case you did not like it. :)