My friend G. recalled that on a visit to Indonesia he had a pocket-sized game with him that entertained and delighted his riverboat mates on a long voyage along the water. He couldn’t remember what game it was — I thought it sounded like Battleship. Karen came to my rescue last night, recalling the old game called Mastermind.

I can’t recall the specific rules of the game, but I know it involved a board that looked a lot like a cribbage board and lots of pegs. I seem to remember that the original version of the game had black and white pegs, and was followed several years later by an exciting new version with coloured pegs.

Hard to imagine, in this day of Killer Attack Droid IV, that we used to get excited about multi-coloured peg games.


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Stephen on December 22, 2005 - 15:05 Permalink

Mastermind is still a great game. You need to guess 4 color pegs in the right order. Then the black and white pegs tell you how close you are. One Black means you have one color in the right place. One white means you have the right color but in the wrong place.