Masked Men Coming Home

Our night and day in Halifax was an invaluable respite; even though the visit was short, I’m so glad we went.

Halifax is as ghost town-like as Charlottetown, perhaps even more so: we walked from Quinpool Road downtown to the harbour and back, stopping for tacos on the way, and didn’t see more than isolated pockets of people.

Otherwise we enjoyed spending time with Yvonne, eating quinoa salad and brownies and drinking strong coffee, with the occasional phone-in special guest family members.

Mask-wearing is much more prevalent in and around Halifax; not near total by any means, but a lot more than on the Island, where it remains rare. Everyone in the service industry was wearing a mask, save our taco server, who volunteered to put one on if we wanted.

As I write we’re about to board the Holiday Island ferry for the voyage home.