Back in mid-early COVID, when Receiver Coffee had reopened in Victoria Row, young Joel turned me on to face-masks from Medium Rare. I bought one. I’ve been wearing their masks ever since, replacing them once every 9 months or so when the nose wire fatigues and breaks.

Yesterday, coincident with the announcement that masks will soon no longer be required in most places on Prince Edward Island, a package of three I ordered arrived in the mail (Cook’s Edge, the local chef supply shop, has stopped carrying them).

I don’t despair at this: I’ll keep wearing a mask after the May 6–“masks will be highly recommended in most indoor settings” says Public Health—and it seems that masks may be with us, in certain situations, in perpetuity.


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Steven Garrity on April 27, 2022 - 09:16 Permalink

I've also been enjoying these Medium Rare masks (with a filter insert). I've since switched to 3M N-95 masks we've bought at Fastenall (

They're a bit more cumbersome to take on/off as the straps go behind your head, but they also don't pull on your ears. They fit snugly in a way that I haven't found on any cloth mask, so much so that they help reduce fogging up glasses because so little air escapes through the top.

They do make me look like I'm either coming to insulate your attic, or dropping into a CDC hot zone.