The Market Goes Back Inside

After a wave and a half of COVIDing to the parking lot, the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market moved back inside today.

The rigour that this required of patrons—queue to enter, one-way loop only, no dawdling, no socializing, no outside containers—was, understandably, too much for Oliver, so he stayed home and I went solo.

The end-effect of entering the market building, newly renovated and reorganized, after so many months, was somewhat like waking up in a parallel universe, with things both familiar and 15° degrees out of phase. It wasn’t the Bizarro Market, but it wasn’t the home planet’s market either.

Regardless, things were well-organized, patrons were masked and, mostly, dawdle-free, and, late harvest in full swing, there were plenty of leeks, squash, broccoli and Brussels sprouts to be had.

I made my efficient loop, saw pleasantly familiar faces, obtained obligatory bagels with smoked salmon, and emerged into the brisk morning.