Maritime Electric vs. Nova Scotia Power

Did anyone else notice that, unlike the always helpful and open Angus Orford at Maritime Electric, the spokesperson for Nova Scotia Power dodged all questions about the number of customers without power over there? Every time the CBC, or Steve Murphy on ATV asked her for a number, she launched into another tirade about how people should stay in their houses, couched with “what we really need to concentrate on, rather than the numbers, is…” Make me think that maybe they simply have no idea but don’t want to say so.


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Alan on October 1, 2003 - 02:21 Permalink

From the National tonight, where they said 20,000 trees are down in just Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, isn’t it possible that things are worse there so the difference in advice is valid?

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Andrew Chisholm on October 2, 2003 - 03:14 Permalink

Pete, they have no idea. The power gride over here is messed up. I am still with out power at my apartment but 2 blocks has power and the same goes for one block over. My block and over half the city is still powerless.

You have no idea how many tress are down over here. You can’t round a street corner without seeing a half-dozen tress down. It’s really bad. NS Power is saying it will be Saturday before all of HRM has power. I think that date is a long shot seeing how the cleanup for the lines-men to come in has not even started in most areas. They now have the Army helping clean up tress and debris. It’s been a fun 72 hours with out power… Hopfully I’ll be back on the gride with-in the work week.