Map of U.S. Counties

Here’s a map showing the county lines in the United States:

It’s a weird alien skin.

That’s my mouse pointer coming up from the south, not a giant cruise ship or undiscovered island.


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Sprague on May 13, 2004 - 12:57 Permalink

Actually I think it’s called Cuba!!

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Ken on May 13, 2004 - 20:38 Permalink

Automap had a county map. Shock-wave lines from ground zero where the pilgrims crashed in on the waves. It’s like the map makers became more scarce as you go out west, or land less scarce. It is an error to call it a county map, since there are no counties in the state of Louisiana.

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Ken on May 13, 2004 - 20:41 Permalink


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Marcus on May 13, 2004 - 22:04 Permalink

Try the crazy ones in Alaska. I like Newfoundland’s districts.