The Many URLs of CBC in Charlottetown

I’ve had the website of the CBC here in Charlottetown bookmarked for a long, long time — perhaps seven years? And the site has gone through a lot of URLs since I hacked together the very primitive first version back in the mid-1990s:


Of those, all but the first one (which, confusingly, redirects to the Charlottetown Yacht Club) still work. Or at least they get you to the right place in the end. I finally decided today to update my bookmarks to use the address for the page; I fully expect that a committee in Toronto will decide that this should become something crazy like as soon as I do this.

CBC Frame 1 CBC Frame 2 CBC Frame 3 CBC Frame 4


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Anonymous on October 20, 2005 - 21:19 Permalink

Glad to see you updated your bookmarks. Good job.

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Charles on October 21, 2005 - 06:20 Permalink

Just to satisfy anyone’s curiousity, the was removed a while ago due to house cleaning, but there was a (Charlottetown Yacht Club) which redirects to the clubs new domain. Our web server spell checks non-existing words, so the one letter difference was a close enough match for it to bring up the wrong page.

I put the /cbc URL back, so all will be well if you lose your bookmarks and have to restore from a backup taken in the ’90s.

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Peter Rukavina on October 21, 2005 - 15:16 Permalink