The Many Ineptnesses of TransUnion Canada

Several weeks ago I fell prey to an urge to look up my credit profile — I think it was one banner ad too many noodling into my subconscious, with a dash of fear of imminent worldwide economic collapse. So I went to the TransUnion website and ordered their “TransUnion Credit Profile” product for $14.95.

After going through a series of identity-verifying questions (current address, former address, etc.) I was told that my identity couldn’t be verified, and that I’d be receiving a “Tracking Code” by postal mail that I could use to unlock my profile.

While I’m all for making absolutely certain that I am who I say I am, this whole process was handled clumsily, and there was no indication at any stage but the last that there might be a delay to wait for the post to arrive.

Today, seven days later, the letter arrived, and I followed the instructions to login to the account I’d created and “when prompted, enter the following tracking code.”

But I was never prompted: the website simply told me that I was going to receive a tracking code in the mail, but didn’t provide me with a place to enter it.

Fortunately their toll-free customer service line was still open so I gave them a call, and the agent had no information at all about why I couldn’t enter my tracking code and, indeed, seemed to dismiss the whole idea of a tracking code as unnecessary, but told me that if I answered some more questions over the phone he could unlock my profile.

So I answered a series of questions — credit card number, current address, former address, etc. Then, one question before payday, he asked me what the postal code was at the house where I lived in 1993. I told him I didn’t remember. He said “if you can answer this one question” then we could proceed. He asked me if I could look it up. I said that I could. So I went to Canada Post’s website and looked it up and, presto, I was me again in their eyes.

I was told to logout of the website, then wait a while, then log back in. A few minutes later I received an email with subject line “Your Identity has been confirmed”:

Detail from TransUnion Canada Email

Wow, that was fast (I thought), and I clicked. Only to be told that my identity couldn’t be confirmed and that I had to call customer service:

Detail from TransUnion Canada Website

But they closed 15 minute ago, and so I’m out of luck for another day.

Not only is this inept service, but it gives me pause when I consider that these are the folks responsible for maintaining the Big Credit Worthiness Database: if they can’t manage a simple web transaction, what else are they screwing up?

Update: Turns out customer service wasn’t closed — the letter said it was closing at 8:00 p.m. but the website said it was open until midnight. So I called back again, answered some more questions (name, date of birth), and then was told to, in series, (a) logout, (b) empty my cookies, (c) log back in, all of which produced the same result and then (d) try another browser (I had been using Firefox, I switched to Safari). And this final step did it. I have no idea why. You’ll be happy to know that TransUnion thinks my job is “S/E COMPUTOR CONSUTING” for Reinvented Inc.


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Fred on March 4, 2009 - 08:51 Permalink

I have been told if you simply drop a note to them by Canada Post, or drop in their Charlottetown Office and show your I.D., all your credit information will be given to you free of charge, without all the red tape.

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Stephen Pate on March 4, 2009 - 11:06 Permalink

It’s better not to ask.

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Isaac Grant on March 4, 2009 - 13:49 Permalink

Indeed, you can get your credit report from both major credit bureau’s (TransUnion is only half the equation) for free by mail — its a bit more work, and the format they send takes a bit more work to read through, but strikes me well worth not paying them for something they legally have to provide for free.

TransUnion form is here:…
Equifax is here:…

New (to me at least — and I did this about 5 months ago), equifax says you can get a order a free credit report by phone now too: 1-800-465-7166.

Also, life Fred pointed out, TransUnion has an office in Charlottetown, and you can go their and show your id and get your report too — I don’t believe Equifax does have a Charlottetown office — anyone want to correct me on that?

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John on October 4, 2015 - 01:40 Permalink

My questions is why keep social insurance nos of Canadians in a call centre located in India .
How can u trust the social insurance no of Canadians to be secure in a call centre in India ?
So how do we trust transunion with our social insurance nos as their call centre is located in India .

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hannah on March 5, 2009 - 01:22 Permalink

There is an Equifax office in Charlottetown — 10 Prince Street. For both Equifax and TransUnion free reports on site while-you-wait, take 2 pieces of ID, one of which is picture (drivers license, passport) the other one a recent one showing your address — a bill, for instance.

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I read your commentary and agree. One thing is you should not of paid for your report, you are entitle to one free copy a year. Imagine paying for your own information. You should demand repayment, good luck with that by the way. I have spent almost a year with these people trying to get inaccurate info removed, every time they say it was has been removed, it was not. I am brewing for a battle about Rogers inaccurately reporting info to them, I am just going to file a small claim against both parties, I am tired of writing and calling, it is the only way to get their attention. I will keep you posted. Pissed off in Manitoba.

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TransUnion has a horrible history of misleading customers. I have gone through hell just to get them to correct information on my credit bureau report for years. They constantly say it’s done, but really isn’t. I have contacted them numerous times by mail and telephone including all the information requested. They’ll never tell you that the information is not updated, neither will they tell you the reason why or communicate this in writing to you. There is really no accountability or responsibility on TransUnion part. I am appalled that they get away with this. The best option is to file a Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint with the area their head office is located in i.e. Hamilton. It’ll get resolved faster than paying each time to check if updated or waiting for them to update it, because it never will, and they’ll constantly tell you to pay for another copy to check if the information is updated. I won’t do that because I have checked the free copy reflecting the errors and once corrected, they are supposed to send a free copy reflecting the changes. Equifax is far different and will always take responsibility. TransUnion should really not be operating a business.

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this kind of thing is typical of canada, period. you cant even sue for medical malpractice there. its the kind of thing that is standard in small countries with little to zero oversight, weak judicial system, and an apathetic citzenry. i hate canada. its all of the capitalism and only 1/3 of the customer service stateside lol

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I was discharge from Bankruptcy in Feb 09. I have send all requested doucuments to update my file. every time I called them, some one in overseas office is telling me they have received nathing from me. I was asked to fax all documents. All documents were faxed in Feb 09 3 times 2 time in March 09 to fax # 905 527 0401. To date they kept saying nothing received. Now in June 09 not received a single responce from Trans Union. Equfax has update all my information with in a month and mail me a free report. This company should not be in Business. Very Very bad service. I would appriciate if any one know, how do I, get this done by thease people. After all this our responcilble to keep our record not this **»,$$@@@ people at Tran Union.

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This is TRUE, I called Transunion to check some information one Bank told me to check, they at Transunion asked me several questions, after 15 to 20 minutes questions they make me wait 5 more minutes to tell me that their system is not working and I have to call back….
I, of course started to yield at the guy on the phone and very frustated I hang up … I call back after some time to start again 15 minutes questions, while I was answering questions the communication was lost only god knows why….
I went home and very frustrated I call back again, after 15 minutes questions, they make wait again to….told me that my account was BLOCKED!!!! because I called several times… Holly crap!!! They told me that I can get my report on-line for only 14.95 That’s it!!!! I realize that all these guys want is to mess your information in order to make you pay them for this Report that they should give you for free!!!!
I sent them a letter asking for my free report and I still waiting after 3 or 4 weeks…
Maybe is better not to ask as somebody said before…

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I too have had many problems. First off, you don’t get anyone you can understand fully and when you ask for someone who speaks English without an accent there is nobody. I filled out an Investigation Request Form and faxed it in and they told me they couldn’t even tell me if they received it or not for 30 days. To access my file they ask you a million and one questions. They asked me to tell them which place I worked at. When I said none of them they told me that they cannot access my file because it wasn’t me. I told them that the freaking reason I filled out the investigation request form is because they are claiming that I am all these people and I am not so of course I cannot answer all the questions because they want me to answer for one of the aliases they claim I am. Arggghhhhh Am I making sense here? OMG They are saying I am all these people and how the hell they got this in the first place is beyond me. I have never dealt with such an inefficient company in my life and rude.

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I just had a similar experience...I track my report online with transunion and saw a couple of errors I wanted to fix as it could affect my credit score. Well after getting all of the answers right to their questions they asked me to give them the right answer as to what city did I live in out of a choice of 4. Well, I didn't live in any of them! yet he insisted I lived in at least one of them and because I stated none, I am to now mail them something with more identity copies of myself etc. because I guess I didn't prove enough that I was who I said I was! I too have had issues with asking them to change certain things on my profile and feel as though Ive been repeating myself over and over until they finally did make the change-only to find more errors for them to fix! frustrated beyond belief.

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Thanks so much for the tip on filing a complaint with the BBB. I did and I hope they do something abou this. I have never dealt with such an inefficient company in my life. I cannot believe they are the ones who can make or break you with your credit history and they can’t even get it right themselve. Who are the people who can give them a bad rating. ARggggghhhhh

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I have submitted a request for my credit report by mail 4 months ago. It never arrived. I phoned back 2 months ago; they said it had been sent. Mysteriously it never arrived. I submitted another request to have it sent out. Today I phoned back, they have processed the application but it has not been sent out. All the Indian call center guy could do was submit another request to have it sent out. My understanding is that they are required to send the report. To me it is pretty clear that they have stopped doing so. They did suggest I purchase some of their credit protection services though. Thanks assholes!

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Speaking of inept… a YEAR ago I received a coupon code to get my credit report if I siged up for a 14 day trial of credit monitoring service. I took my report and canceled the moitorin service a few days later.

A couple weeks ago, a charge showed up on my Mastercard from Tansunion. I have since been on the phone with them 3 times to get the charge reversed. The first time they assured me everything was handled, but then I gave it a week and the charge was not removed from my card. The second time I called I was transferred to their “billing” department, which actually turned out to be some company called Privacy Protection Plus — the representative there actually ended up yelling at me, insisting I had spoke to her on January 8th of THIS year and got a free trial for their product, then canceled a week later on the 14th. Given that it was January 9th I was speaking to her on, I tried to tell her she was mistaken and that it had to have been last year. No no no no no! She looked up the rep ID, and it turned out to be here, that I had spoken to this morning! Well, if I spoke to her that morning,how did I cancel the service 7 days from now? She finally admitted she made a mistake, but then told m she couldn’t do anything about it, I would have to speak to Transunion. OMG. Who did I call?!

So I tried calling Transunion back twice more this week, only to sit on hold nearly 10 minutes at a time. I don’t have free day time minutes on my phone, so I hung up and decided to try back today (it’s Saturday). The girl who took my call explained that I had ordered a trial of quarterly credit monitoring, but she said she could refund the charge. She then informed me that it would take a month from my next billing cycle to appear on my bill. I insisted this was unacceptable, so she transferred me to their billing department. Privacy Protection Plus, again! They are closed on the weekends. I hung up and called Transunion back, this time getting another female agent. She listened to me repeat myself for the third time, and then informed me she couldn’t refund the charge, but she could transfer me to billing! Good god. I had already told her if I was put through to Privacy Protection Plus again, I would lose my mind, so she said she would stay on the line to ensure I was put through to the correct department. Except it turned out they are also closed on weekends.

So now I have to wait until Monday and call back, yet again. Here’s what I find terribly ironic: Transunion is meant to prevent these kinds of fraudulent charges, and of all things, I’m being fraudulently charged BY Transunion FOR credit monitoring! Ay ay ay!!

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Michael C.K. on January 17, 2010 - 01:12 Permalink

In my current job, I have the “pleasure” of working with TransUnion. I find them to be the absolute worst service provider of all service providers I use.

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Mark on January 21, 2010 - 16:16 Permalink

Are you surprised?
Trans Union can only be contacted throughtheir call centre in India that cannot do much for anyone
They are mostly incompetent and since your personal information is in India it’s free picking for thiefs, farud artists or anyone who is willing to pay Trans Union staff in India enough monet to get it. Also you have no protection under Canadian laws.

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AG on March 26, 2010 - 15:23 Permalink

Well I am in the same loop but I don’t know how to get out of it. I found out that Trans Union updated my current address from an address that I lived at 15 years ago. Plus they jumbled the previous addresses around with one address being a business and not a personal property. So I faxed in my documents to verify my identity and my current address. Three months later and it is still not fixed. I don’t know what is going on but I am frustrated.

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I’m so glad to learn I’m not alone in this. I will try Equifax instead. I am now living in the US, and have no Canadian address, but need my 40-year (excellent) credit record to show potential landlords here in the States. First the woman told me on the phone, about a month ago, that I could do it the regular way, by filling out the form and paying my $14.95—this even though I REPEATEDLY said that I lived in the States now and had no Canadian address. She was impatient and kept telling me it was no problem. When I went to do it today, though, the form would only let me enter a province and postal code, not my state and zip code, so I couldn’t fill it out.

After a bunch of rigamarole on one phone line, I was transferred to another one, where the guy didn’t seem to know what he was: first he said he was the online-help guy, then he said he was the phone-order guy, then he said he couldn’t take my order over the phone (or help much with the online thing, either), because he wasn’t authorized to take my SIN. He had me enter my previous address, in Canada, which made me very leery, and then when we got to the credit-card page of course it wanted a) a billing address that lined up with the mailing address I’d given, and b) a Canadian address, period. (It said so, explicitly.)

So the guy calls “the Bureau”, and I get, I swear, the same woman who told me last month that I could just do the whole thing the normal way. She told me this again, and I told her no, I couldn’t, so she changes her story and says I have to send a signed request, with proof of my US and Canadian addresses. I tell her for the billionth time that I don’t HAVE a Canadian address, and she is just not clear on this concept at all. After the however many-eth time I say it, she gets it, and says to send proof of my FORMER Canadian address.

If any of you fine foks want to give me good odds that this will actually work, and I will actually have my credit report in hand, via the mail, “within 30 days”, I will lay that bet, and use the money I make to buy a house instead of trying to rent out here where I have no credit history and, apparently, no recourse to my Canadian one…

These things really need to be changed. It’s NOT okay that so many people’s lives are screwed up in such an important area due to one company’s gross incompetence.

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Danial on December 30, 2010 - 00:08 Permalink

I too am having the same problem with Trans union . For two years, they are still not providing me with a simple answer as to why they do not let me access to my credit records. I am too frustrated to even write what I have been going trough. hours of calling, days of calling. being transfered from one department to another on and on and eventually be told that I was not transfered to a right department.1-888-312-9132 is the last number they refer you to. you know what, there is nobody there, it is always a voice mail that tells you they will return your call within 72 hours. It is like you have to stay home or on call for 72 hours and finally they do not return your call.
Is there a legal body to sue Transunion? How many people have to be screwed up with their credit records misinformation because of these guys business malpractice?
Is it not a shame that some creditors such as Amex rely on Trans union reports, knowing that there are so many problems with their system? This is effecting our daily life , because in North America we are dead and have to suffer with a bad credit record.
I wonder what is behind all this? I am sure they are aware of their misconduct.
Does anyone know what legal actions we can take to correct the Transunion and possibly eliminate them?
Please let me know?

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Trans Union Canada is horrible . Equifax Canada is much better .

I got my free credit report from Equifax within a week after I ordered it over their automated phone system .

I tried to do the same with Trans Union ..after going through all their identity confirming questions guess what they have a WRONG house number in their file about my address . Rest of the address like postal code , street name , city , province etc is correct just the house number is wrong .

My house number is 5XXX & they have it as 3YYY ..guess what the 3YYY house number does not even exist on my street where the hell did they get this 3YYY as my house number ? Its not like by mistake they put the house number of another house on my street instead of my house ..they have put a house number that does not even exist or is not even there in the Canada Post database …so if they mail that free report its going to go to an address that does not even exist it won’t even go to a wrong house , it will just go to a fictitious non existent address .

Now I have to go through a bunch of time consuming steps to correct my house number as these morons just put a non existent house number as opposed to my real house number in my address :mad:

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JaneP on September 9, 2011 - 14:28 Permalink

If anyone is having trouble getting their information corrected then a visit to the Attorney Generals office with all your info will get this done. They seem to listen to them for some reason!

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chester o on November 3, 2011 - 17:28 Permalink

does anyone know of a class-action suit being brought against transunion?

, because i would sure like to join, they have my info so screwed up that i will be long gone from this earth and it will still not be fixed

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C. Brown on April 8, 2015 - 13:10 Permalink

I know your comments are old..trying to bring a lawsuit against them now..through my link: a campaign needed to cover what is expected to be high legal costs, I think that's why they are so terrible, nobody can afford "justice". Please share the link if possible..trying to generate interest to get this off the ground. thank-you

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now moved to
155 Belvedere Avenue, Suite 200
PO Box 2158
Charlottetown, PE C1A 8B9

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george on January 13, 2012 - 17:59 Permalink

My daughter’s employer’s computer records were broken into. She’s in the Third World for several months, and has spotty email service. She got the email and since phone service is difficult to impossible, asked me to get Equifax and Trans Union to put an alert on her file, as recommended by the employer.

Equifax, no problem. It was done by inputting data into a series of phone menus. Trans Union, completely different story. First half an hour on hold (I’ve since found out that this was pretty good for them), then a “live” agent who refused to talk to me—even though my daughter had emailed me all the info I needed for verification. It had to be my daughter on the line. Note that I wasn’t trying to get into her file, just get an alert put on. In view of the crime committed at her employer’s offices, I expected a little more interest. Nope. I asked for a supervisor, same response, quite arrogantly. She could also write them. The fact that this might take a couple of weeks during which time anything could happen with the stolen records was of no concern to them.

I can’t imagine any business dealing with this company for credit info. This one experience—dealing with their lack of adequate phone response, and the attitude and lack of training of their personnel—tells me all I need to know about this company.

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Trans Union Canada is worst service that I have had ever used, several years ago, I requested my credit report from Trans Union Canada, and found TOO Many WRONG information in the credit history, I tried to call them and the customer service is terrible, they didn’t help me at all, and that took me about a month to request them correct the wrong information in my credit report.
About 4 weeks ago, I request credit reports from Equifax and Tran Union Canada, I received the CORRECT report from Equifax ON TIME. But after 4 weeks the finally arrived report from Trans Union Canada made me so frustrated, the reason is there are TOO MANG WRONG information in the report, the wrong information include my name, 5 out of 6 addresses listed are wrong, 7 out of 8 credit cards listed are wrong, extra mortgage in my report, how can consumer trust this credit bureau? How can government allow this company supply this service??? Who will protect consumers’ right?
This company does not help, what they did is to make trouble for the consumers and make profit.

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im having problems getting through to transunion ..i wanna talk to someone an every time it says its transfering my call it hangs up on i call back an it does the same thing ,i hate this company

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Robert on July 7, 2012 - 14:28 Permalink

I ran into some credit difficulty this past year when I tried to get a new mortgage. Turns out that the “bureau” has my ex-wife’s (10 yrs ago) birthdate as mine on my file. How these people hold down a job is beyond me. I thought there was tampering with my file because they had previous addresses listed where I’ve never lived and they suggested I purchase a “block” on my file. This means that anytime someone accesses my file for approval a security flag comes and delays any approvals (which they neglected to tell me) for up to 72hrs. Very embarrassing when you don’t know this and you apply for credit. Now I have the exhausting and stressful task of trying to contact them to cancel it. This may only take a dozen attempts and a yr out of my life I expect.

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Here you go people….

Trans Union of Canada, Inc. offers credit and information management solutions to businesses and consumers internationally. It offers marketing services, fraud and identity management, risk management, collections management, data compromise assistance, and online application solutions for businesses. The company also offers electronic data transmission solution, a Web-based delivery process for consumer credit file updates. It serves automotive, banking and credit card issuers, collections, credit unions, government, mortgage lending, retail finance, and telecommunications and utilities industries. The company was founded in 1989 and is based in Toronto, Canada with consumer relations offices in Burnaby, Charlottetown, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Laval, and St. John’s, as well as sales offices in Laval and Toronto. Trans Union of Canada, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of TransUnion, LLC.

Detailed H.O. Description
325 Milner Avenue,Suite 1501
Toronto, ON M1B 5N1

Founded in 1989

Key Executives for Trans Union of Canada, Inc.
Mr. Ken Porter — President and General Manager
Mr. Sam Stravato — Chief Information Officer
Mr. Tom Reid — Director of Consumer Solutions
Mr. Derrick Breau — Vice President of Sales & Marketing

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Interesting ongoing saga. I’ll keep you posted on my demands to receive and correct my own report from TransUnion that I am sending by snail mail tomorrow after the unsuccessful attempt over the telephone.

I think we need to send a copy of this current blog entry and its many responses to our politicians (municipal, provincial and federal), to the consumer advocates groups in our respective province, the CBC’s “Marketplace”, CTV’s equivalent, Radio-Canada “La Facture” and print media equivalents, both local and national. Make it an embarrassing public issue.

Also, we need alert the local BBB and local Chamber of Commerce (TransUnion recruiting ground). Show the business people that by receiving wrong information from TransUnion they are actually loosing sales and customers. In theses difficult economic times, they may not appreciate such losses.

Small claim courts should also be used since enough judgements, in all jurisdictions, against TransUnion might prompt action from the politician. Especially if we set up a social media group to keep track of everyone’s action and responses…

I believe that an actual campaign like this, coming from all sides, might force changes if not the destruction of this Damocles sword hanging over our collective credit worthiness.

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Trans Union has to be a Joke ! The amount of wrong info they have on file is ridiculous . My report with Equifax is 100 % accurate like my address , credit cards etc. But Trans Union is awhoe different story. How can one agency like Equifax get it 100 % right and the other be aka Trans Union be so incompetent.

Tomorrow when I apply for loans or mortgages , I hope my banks checks with Equifax and not these incompetent and inaccurate jokers at Trans Union ! There should be a class action lawsuit against these guys for screwing up the life of so many innocent people.

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TheReportsWrong on March 13, 2013 - 13:19 Permalink

They moved the Hamilton office to Burlington, on Harvester Road. Here you can pick up your incorrect mistake-riddled reports in person!

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JT on April 12, 2013 - 12:33 Permalink

Ugh, TransUnion. I don’t understand how a company, who’s sole purpose is to report on the worthiness of human beings, can be allowed to have wrongful information on people so commonly.
Obviously they can’t be perfect (even thoguh Equifax gets it perfect every time), but when you call them and dispute just the personal information they have about you on file, even offering to them proof of your actual current personal information, then having them somehow manage to get it wrong again should be an indicator to other companies that TransUnion’s own credibility is null.
They are absolutely useless, and should be shut down. Allow other companies to give the credit profiling a try.

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Elaine on May 29, 2013 - 21:38 Permalink

I can’t believe that a credit bureau such as TransUnion can still exist after all of the errors they have posted on consumer files. They don’t care that they have “screwed over” people again and again. If anyone knows of any lawsuits against TransUnion I would love to add my name to that lawsuit. DISGUSTED BY THE LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM AND ALSO ACCURACY IN REPORTING!!!!!!!!!

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C. Brown on April 8, 2015 - 13:24 Permalink

I am collecting as much information as possible in hopes of suing, can you please post my link it is a campaign to raise funds. Hoping to get the word out and spread to as many as possible to receive as much helpful information and/or donations as possible to be successful in this action.

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Michael on May 8, 2014 - 08:43 Permalink

If you continue to face problems with Transunion, here is a solution.

1. For Free Credit Reports — You can report the same to the Provincial body. Transunion is legally mandated to provide you with free credit report and to make any corrections in the case. If you still have challenges, please write an email or mail to the Attorney Generals office. I will soon be starting a petition service which anyone can sign up and we intend to send out more than 100,000 petitions to Attorney General to investigate this company and cancel their business license unless they fix their problems.

2. For Paid Services, please follow all the above steps plus write to BBB as well. A negative rating on BBB and will get this company noticed.

Petition Service coming soon and details will be posted here. The more number of people who can sign the petition will help as we intend to deliver this petition to all the big wigs and also request all media channels to report regarding the petition. A negative publicity against Transunion may perhaps make them wake up and eventually customers can stop using their services.

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C. Brown on April 8, 2015 - 13:28 Permalink

If possible can you send me a copy of the petition and or any other information you wouldn't mind being used to sue them. If possible please tweet or fb my link hyyp:// Not a real computer person but trying to get connected and get the word out & as much information & support for my campaign as possible, to try and launch this action & win. Thanks.

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Michael on May 11, 2014 - 07:08 Permalink

As per BBB Canada, there is an alert on this business. Seems like they lost a court case to a guy whose credit report was messed up by them. Please see this link. Transunion Complaints are growing.…

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C. Brown on April 8, 2015 - 13:20 Permalink

thanks for your information..everything helps.

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Dusan on October 2, 2014 - 11:50 Permalink

My credit report with Transunion is a mess too. Everything but my date of birth is wrong. I sent to them everything they asked for to fix it, now it is waiting time. But when I call to check the status, they can not access my file because I cannot answer the security questions. They always ask me for a street name and none of the streets on the list is mine.
They told me that they will send me a letter once my record is fixed, but the problem is they do not have a correct mailing address on the file.
I am newcomer to Canada. Could someone tell me what is general attorney and how to contact one? Is there one in Canada, or there is one in every region.


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C. Brown on April 8, 2015 - 12:51 Permalink

please visit my link:, I am hoping to raise money through this campaign to stabilize & file a lawsuit against both credit reporting agencies for reporting false information, if successful; this would be the second one won in Ontario and may be the start to forcing them to be responsible for damages caused to other people for false reporting. The one referenced here says they will defend any legal action..but they won't remove false information?. Hoping to have friend requests on facebook and set up large support group to take action and share information that can help each other, similar to this. Thanks. P>S> please gift any amount you can, if you can, if not maybe still follow & provide helpful information if you have some to share.

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Vent on July 22, 2015 - 18:41 Permalink

The staff at TransUnion (Canada) have to be the worst of them all as far as credit reporting services are concerned. I don't even know where to begin with these so-called "professional" idiots. Most of the people who work there if not all, have strong accents, you could barely understand what the f*ck they're saying half the time with their unprofessional and at times laughable responses. 2. The amount of time it takes for them to follow security protocols to access a file is effing irritating! Not to mention, ridiculous to the point where you'd wish you had the power to reach into the other end of the phone and smack their employees upside the head a couple of times, especially after getting a response like "we can't access your file", keeping in mind that you've wasted your time answering questions for nothing! (Grrrr!). Like...Good God! What is the world coming too? And to think these people are supposed to handle our credit report is without a doubt questionable?...In my opinion.Personally, I feel that it'd be more wise for most if not all of their employees to go work for a fast-food chain instead. At least it would enable them to be a bit more punctual with their dealings. In spite of that, I don't understand how somebody could hire individuals that have very little to no experience in dealing with such sensitive,crucial,& confidential piece of information. I don't mean to sound so harsh either, however,I am appalled by their staff's incompetence. People's credit and/or lives are at risk here,which as a result could mean being penalized for something that is out of our control in Canada or elsewhere. Just saying'. But, who cares right?.....***middle finger*** (transunion staff)

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What TransUnion does for an online credit check is no more than credit fraud itself. Tell me for a $16 fee you can check it, but buyer beware, it will cost you a phone call (and red tape to cancel, the now "monthly" fee, or $200 yearly fee, to keep you updated.

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jeet brar on May 30, 2016 - 16:40 Permalink

why it is that banks and stores have instant acess to credit
reports and everyone else are given the run around, they
should should be investigated by the fed govt for the poor service and why are they charging a fee .

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tom reynolds on November 28, 2018 - 13:25 Permalink

I have been trying for days to access online my report etc. No matter what i do, it doesn't work. for example i ask for Canadian site, and got it and they need me toput in Soc SEC number ..i do and it is wrong they keep asking for a letter to be in it. It must be for US citizens. I am in Mexico and no tel works, no matter which one I use . I have read the numerous comments online about transunion and it makes me wary. I would like to get into account. I think it is the 800 number that is the problem But why the problem with the sign in with Soc Sec is a mystery. Could you please answer

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tom reynolds on November 28, 2018 - 13:29 Permalink

see my comment above re; accessing account online and tel number etc from mexico

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Patience Ellis on February 4, 2019 - 14:27 Permalink

I am Canadian trying to get my credit rating fixed - I received a form of it and I am trying to correct a totally wrong address for me (the reason I started this) I am checking with TransUnion now and read all these complaints - I too have far too many and agree that someone must take hold of this operation Equifax and fix it!