Maintain Radio Silence

I arrived safely in Ukraine on Wednesday night after a smooth an efficient pair of flights on airBaltic — Copenhagen to Riga and Riga to Kiev — and was met at the airport by my cousin Aleksandra, her husband Sergey, and son-in-law Aleksander.

Yesterday I got a thorough tour of Brovary, the Kiev suburb where they live, and today we head cross-country to Serafyntsi — an eight hour drive — to visit my Potiahaylo relatives in the village where my great-grandfather was born.

We’re heading into a land of no bandwidth for a while, so expect radio silence over the weekend.


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Peter Rukavina on July 23, 2012 - 22:40 Permalink

Radio silence over: we’re back from our trip to west Ukraine. Many tales to tell. Once I’ve recovered from the drive.