On Susan Werner’s album Midwestern Saturday Night the title song starts like this:

Thanks for the concert,
It was quite enlightening,
Although Mahler does tend to
make me want to do myself in.
Later on we come to the chorus:
I wanna knit you wool sweaters
with little deer all over
I wanna feed you from my kitchen
‘til your belt feels too tight
I wanna make love ‘til three
and never judge my performance
On a Midwestern Saturday night.
You can read the rest of the lyrics, but it’s a song that is much better when seen live, which I had the opportunity to do last month in New Bedford.

One of the things I lament about living in PEI is that it’s not on any sort of folk music circuit. Which means that as I sit here in Charlottetown tonight I can probably hop in my car and see all manner of fiddling sensations or celtic balladeers, but I have almost no hope of seeing anyone else from North America playing in the folk or roots genre on a regular basis. Folk music is one type of music that’s almost always better seen live, so that’s too bad.

As an aside, I once was forced to write a song called “Stephen Carter Elliott Hates Folk Music” about my friend Stephen (who had to change his last name to avoid association with the song) who, well, hates folk music. I believe it went something like this:

Stephen Carter Elliott hates folk music,
And he doesn’t really know why.
Stephen Carter Elliott hates folk music,
He says it makes him want to die.
As you can see, you need not be in any rush to hear my music played live, or recorded.