Magazine Heartland

For some reason that, over ten years working here, I have never completely understood, Peterborough, New Hampshire is something of a hotbed of magazine publishing. Even more so if you look back into the past.

When I was a tadpole geek back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was an avid reader of Byte and Creative Computing magazines (there’s an interesting story about their founding); both were published in Peterborough.

Although both magazines are now gone (Byte lives on as a fee-based web publication), and the granddaddy of Peterborough magazines, 73, ceased publication last year, there’s still plenty of publishing happening here.

Of course there’s YANKEE and The Old Farmer’s Almanac, published here in Dublin, just up the road from Peterborough.

There’s also a bunch of kids magazines and the audiophile magazine Audio Xpress. Wayne Green, founder of Byte, publishes NH To Do from nearby Londonderry. Helmers Publishing makes Desktop Engineering and Supply Chain Systems Magazine in the north end of town near the high school. And nearby there’s also Frontline Solutions, another supply chain magazine.

One of the largest mailing list brokers, Millard is based in Peterborough too.

And I’m probably missing many others.

I remember reading the Byte masthead many years ago, and seeing Peterborough, NH, and wondering where it was. Now I know.