Lunch at Slaymaker & Nichols

I had lunch with a friend today at Slaymaker & Nichols. We sat on the patio; the experience was top flight from beginning to end: great patio, great service, great food, great drinks. Lots of bees, but, net-net, the bees are keeping us alive.

I’ve been reluctant to use restaurants for anything other than takeout: there are few meals where the ROI on the COVID risk is sufficient to convince me to dine in. But I’d happily return to Slaymaker’s cozy patio any time.


Donna Glass's picture
Donna Glass on September 26, 2020 - 09:28 Permalink

Yes. Slaymaker and Nichols is great. I too have only eaten there once but the service and good was top notch.
Not to mention that my friend Yuka who recently moved to Charlottetown from Japan ( via Toronto) works in the kitchen and speaks highly of the owner and management