Lost and Found Gardening Sounds

A lucky happenstance — it was actually a bug on the website that needed some fixing — drew my attention to some long-forgotten audio recordings on Almanac.com, (the website of The Old Farmer’s Almanac that I’ve maintained for the past 17 years).

The monthly Garden Musings are short essays written by George and Becky Lohmiller, gardening exports from Hancock, New Hampshire. Since 2007, each essay has been recorded and posted on Almanac.com; before he died in 2008, my dear friend and colleague John Pierce was the narrator and fixing the bug I fixed today unearthed these old recordings on the web. They are among the last things John recorded before he died. It’s so good to hear his voice again:

The monthly Garden Musings are available as a podcast too; they’re not read by John any longer, of course, but a new crop of narrators has stepped in to the breach.