Linux + WINE + IE6 + OS X = Almost

Okay, so I’ve almost found a way of using Internet Explorer 6 for Windows from my Mac. Almost:

I installed WINE on my RedHat Linux box, then installed IEs 4 Linux (following a pointer from Steven — thanks). Then I simply fired up X11 on my iMac, ssh’ed to the Linux box, and typed ie6. What I ended up with is what you see above.

On the plus side, it’s extremely snappy, seems not to crash, and has loaded and rendered every site I’ve tried so far.

On the perplexing side, as you can see above, the fonts are not appearing properly in the browser’s UI (although they don’t appear to be any font-related problems with sites themselves in the browser window).

This problem doesn’t occur if I run ie6 directly from the X console on the Linux box, so I assume that my problem is related to fonts missing on my Mac, or something to do with the mysteries of XFS.

I’d appreciate any pointers or advice.


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alexander o'neill on March 2, 2006 - 19:56 Permalink

X11’s default fonts are pretty much ugly as sin no matter what you do, but from what you say it sounds like Linux is getting better, even if Apple’s OS X’s default package doesn’t have the same fot packages / renderer. If you use VNC into the Linux box instead of plain old X11 how does it look?