Linux in Thailand

Steve’s sons say that Linux isn’t big here in Thailand. And indeed all of the Internet cafes that I’ve visited so far have been Windows-based.

But here in the cafe in Chiang Mai, it’s 100% Linux: about 20 terminals all running Caldera OpenLinux. And it works. Well. I’m typing this in Netscape under Linux, and it looks better than it does on my home PC.

By the way, Steve is writing his online column for the Bangkok Post next week about Travelling with Children, using our experiences with wee Oliver as a jumping off point. Stay tuned. You can read this weeks column to learn more about how Steve was buried at the Oriental Hotel this week.


Johnny's picture
Johnny on February 15, 2002 - 17:23 Permalink

I think maybe you, rather than Steve/Harold, should be writing the travelling with children column for the Bangkok Post.