Line Rule, Storyboard = Book

I decided that before I leave for the summer I had to take my new set of line rule out for a ride on my letterpress. So I decided to whip up a quick book, a sort of “two-panel comic storyboard” book. Here’s the walk-through.

First I set up up the line rule in the letterpress chase (this photo from The Museum of Printing gave me a good head-start as to how line rule is set):

Line Rule in Chase

I put the set rule on the press and printing up 10 pages on half-letter-sized card stock that was leftover from my Kwik Kopy printing demonstration:

Printed Storyboards

I stapled one end in three places (using the new “one touch” super-stapler that Johnny gave me for my birthday; it can staple, with no effort, through up to 25 pages!):

Stapled Book

Next, for the cover, I cut and scored a piece of yellow card-stock that Catherine brought back from Halifax last fall:

Scoring the Cover

I glued the cover to the stapled pages:

Glue on Spine

Gluing the Cover On

More Glue on Front Cover

And clamped the glued-up result with binder clips to dry:

Clamped to Dry

Here’s the finished book:

Finished Book

What might you use it for? With apologies for my still-at-grade-two-level drawing skills (is it any wonder I seek solace in the arms of metal type), something like this:

Sample Storyboard

As usual when book-making is the subject, tip of the hat to Hamish and his DIY Book podcast, the source of everything I know about making books.