Lift Conference in Geneva

Back in June, after reboot, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Doc Searls, Nikolaj Nyholm and his wife and kids, Laurent Haug and Ben Cerveny.

During the dinner, conversation turned to the history of reboot, its connection to Zap Your PRAM, and to the notion of “people holding their own conferences” in general.

Laurent, in particular, seemed taken with the idea of having his own conference, and may have even said something to the effect of “well, I guess I’ll have to have my own conference then.” In any case, “Laurent Haug’s conference” has been on my travel page for many months, waiting for something to develop.

And now it has. Today Laurent announced the Lift conference, to be held in Geneva on February 2 and 3, 2006. I’m already searching around for air tickets, as Laurent has promised to come to Zap3 if I come to Lift (that can be considered a broad hint that you should watch out for Zap3 announcements Real Soon Now).