Life is Never Dull, Part 37

We’re in the final throes of launching a new website for Yankee — stay tuned — and tonight’s job was to develop a system that, given a temperature, creates a sonic simulation of a cricket’s chirp when it’s that temperature outside (cricket chirp frequency changes in relation to temperature using a very handy formula).

In addition to the algorithms and the fiddling with sound munging applications for Linux, this project also involved cricket copyright clearance issues. And a lot of listening to the attached sound, that of a snowy tree cricket.

As you might expect, I’ve not grown fond of crickets tonight. But I can tell you how hot it is outside.


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pippy on July 12, 2005 - 08:04 Permalink

ummmmm…. right well to me it sounds like you’ve told everyone posbible about this stupid subject and now you want to subject innocent people who are browsing the web to this stupid and i mean stupid subject even more. a little advice you NEED a life.Get one QUICK!