I have never really been a fan of licorice. I did like those spaghetti-like strands I used to buy at the tuck shop at the YMCA as a kid. But I’m neither a fan of the Twizzlers interpretation (bland, tasteless, like eating wax) nor the “health food” variety (“milled from rich Corinthian licorice trees in the Amazon rain forest — includes real bark taste!”).

This all changed when I bought a small round yellow tin of Cachou Lajaunie at a highway rest stop in France. These are tiny almost microscopic pieces of highly charged licorice: just one in the mouth is enough to send you swooning with delight for licorice.

In Copenhagen last week I found Läkerol-brand “Strong Licorice” to be an excellent substitute. These are larger than the Cachou Lajaunie — about the size of a penny — but have a similar intense licorice flavour.

I’ve already polished off the tin of Cachou Lajaunie and I’m a good way through the Läkerol. I’m going to have to work fast to find a new North American licorice brand to feed my newfound licorice addiction.


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Enki Boehm on June 21, 2005 - 12:24 Permalink

Heh.. i had a similiar fate with L

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Guy Dickinson on June 22, 2005 - 00:06 Permalink

You ain’t tried nothin’ till you try salted liquorice!! — the stuff of gods. My Dutch grandmother got my whole family into the taste of the stuff when we were kids…I stocked up on the stuff in Copenhagen airport…not sure of the brand, because I wolfed down 1/3 kilo since I got back and have since dumped the container :-)