Lessons we learn from our nephews

We had supper with the young nephews V. and E. (and their parents) in Montreal on Monday night.

I showed my sketchbook to V., and he asked if we could paint together. Of course I said yes (thus saving us both the indignity of standard-issue “so, what’s you favourite subject at school” uncle-nephew dialog).

V. suggested we draw some flowers and paint them with my watercolours.

We started simple, with a green flower and a yellow flower and a red flower.

But then V., lacking the inhibitions and hangups of adulthood, proposed mixing the colours.

I clearly wasn’t ready for this: the inexactness, the messiness, the chance of colour disaster.

But V. was an effective advocate for mixing, no matter the risks.

So colours got mixed and mashed and jiggled and splashed.

And this is what resulted.

I think it’s lovely. And me and V. made it together.