Leiderschap in de nieuwe netwerksamenleving

In Leiderschap in de nieuwe netwerksamenleving, Marco Derksen writes (machine-translated from Dutch to English):

In an era of uncertainty and rapid technological change there is a great need for leaders who, on the one hand, are not afraid to outline a vision for the long term, but on the other hand also dare to be vulnerable. By returning to previously made decisions, by admitting mistakes made and by being open to the input of otherwise-minded people. Organizing and being able to deal with diversity is perhaps the most important leadership competence in the complex world of today and tomorrow!

I couldn’t agree more: having ideas—vision—is easy; everybody’s got ideas. Humility is a rare commodity, rarer still in leaders. When you witness the two together in one person, it’s delightful to behold.

And organizing and being able to deal with diversity is so seldom discussed, a skill few have, and yet without it we’re left with an intellectual monoculture incapable of evolving.