Off to LegoLand

Once Oliver found out that LegoLand existed, there was no stopping him. So in an hour we’re hopping on the train for the three hour ride across the bottom of Denmark, staying overnight in the exciting LegoLand Village Hostel, and then spending the day in the park on Tuesday. Laptop is staying back here in Copenhagen, so expect radio silence until Wednesday.


Nicole Simon's picture
Nicole Simon on June 5, 2006 - 12:12 Permalink

I want pictures! ;)

Sam Abuelsamid's picture
Sam Abuelsamid on June 5, 2006 - 13:11 Permalink

We went to legoland in California a couple of years ago, and Max loved it. It’s amazing to see some of the stuff that is made from legos. We went out to California for a week not thinking about legoland. We were staying in Carlsbad in a house a block from the beach. One day in a restaurant, someone spotted a flyer for legoland and after checking it out realized it was only 10 minutes from where we were staying.

art's picture
art on June 5, 2006 - 15:42 Permalink

This would be my first stop!

Justin's picture
Justin on June 5, 2006 - 16:30 Permalink

Would be my first stop as well!

Ann's picture
Ann on June 5, 2006 - 21:36 Permalink

Laptop is staying at home?