Leftover Potatoes into Potato Bread

Annie B. Copps is one of the great talents at Yankee Publishing, and her new Annie Cooks series of videos is particularly good. In the most recent episode she shows how to make Potato Bread from leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes:

Disclaimer: Yankee Publishing is a client of Reinvented Inc. But this is an unpaid endorsement: I really do like Annie’s videos.


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Ritchie Simpson on December 1, 2009 - 19:30 Permalink

My grandmother used to do this and save the cooking water from vegetables as well to add to the daily baking. I cook potatoes just to add to my bread which I bake a couple of times a week. (To be honest I let my Bread machine do the mixing and kneading and I finish it myself.) It also helps to have a small pot of water in the oven to help make it crusty. If you use garlic mash it gives a real earthy taste.