Lawnmowers + Kijiji

Over the last 18 years we’ve purchased two gasoline lawnmowers that, for reasons of poor (no) maintenance and initial flimsiness, stopped working.

This summer I purchased an battery-powered lawnmower (which I have maintained, and isn’t flimsy), leaving us with the two lawnmowers just taking up space.

What does one do with non-working gasoline-powered lawnmowers? I wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to throw them away—and does Island Waste Management even have a broken lawnmower pickup day?—but I couldn’t imagine there was a market for them.

On a lark I listed them on Kijiji, the free classifieds site:

Two gas-powered lawnmowers, free for the taking. They both need some TLC, so they are as-is, where-is.

I got an inquiry 8 hours after posting the ad; I emailed back information about how to pick them up and when I got home they were gone.

Lawnmower recycling FTW.