Last Leg

Today has featured lovely brunch with my in-laws in Napanee, a too-quick visit with my old friend Stephen and his mother in Kingston, a 90 minute train delay from Kingston to Montreal, sitting across from an unusually drunk person from Kingston to Brockville (who was either flirting with me, or not aware I was there) and continued frustration for Oliver with VIA Tail’s flaky wifi.

But we got to Montreal–we’re pulling in right now–and will board shortly for the east.


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Peter Rukavina on June 26, 2017 - 11:01 Permalink

Our return overnight journey went much better, mostly because I purchased ear plugs before boarding, meaning that the rattle and crick of the train was reduced to a pleasant rumble and click.

My only error was in setting up a precarious pile of electronic devices to be charged on the table in our room: at some point in the night they all crashed to the floor (I didn’t hear this; see paragraph one). Fortunately the only casualty was my phone: Oliver’s laptop, my laptop and Oliver’s phone were unscathed but my phone now has a cracked screen. I believe this to be penance I must pay for having pridefully looked down on others with cracked phone screens.

Of course what pride takes away, pride rewards: I’m now in the market for a new phone. Or perhaps for no phone at all?

Our train is running about 40 minutes late, but we are otherwise healthy and well-fed, with super-fast train wifi to keep us distracted.