Land and Sea is Still on the Air!

Back in the day when television was still television and we all gathered around the hearth to watch CBC (the only channel we picked up on the rabbit ears), CBC’s Land and Sea was a perennial favourite (longtime readers will recall this episode about the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market that captured wee Oliver and me).

For some reason–perhaps its website, not updated since 2014–I’d assumed that the program had long ceased production. And so I was surprised to hear a piece on Mainstreet this afternoon promoting an upcoming episode about Prince Edward Island.

It turns out that Land and Sea is still very much alive, and is in its 18th season. The website is, a friendly and helpful person at CBC Communications in Halifax tells me, a vestigial one that needs re-pointing: CBC Gem is the place to find Land and Sea now, I was told. And, indeed, there are 10 seasons of back-episodes ready there for the watching.

Welcome back, Land and Sea!

CBC Land and Sea logo (from CBC Gem)