Kulturexpressen: Rapid Reponse for Creativity

Olle pointed me toward Kulturexpressen, a program of the City of Malmö, Sweden that, machine-translated into English, is described like this:

Creativity of the locals will now have the opportunity to realize their ideas. Culture Express is a scholarship that can quickly take advantage of creativity… Culture Express is a form of “quick coin” … [i]t is intended to facilitate  those who want to realize your creative ideas and projects and get a cultural support with handling and response within a month. It is for those who do not work with a professional culture, but living in Malmo and want to show your cultural projects for more.

In other words, quick-turnaround, low-bureaucracy micro-finance for non-professional creative people.  Like “I want to hire street urchins to follow the Fathers of Confederation actors around Charlottetown.”  Or “Charlottetown needs a subway map.”  (i.e. the kinds of ideas I have)

You can get up to $1500 for a project, you just have to be 13 years old or older, and they turnaround applications in 30 days.

What an amazing program.