Kudos to David Mackenzie

You’ve got to hand it to David Mackenzie. Not only has he taken on the thankless job of Executive Director of the Confederation Centre of the Arts, but he’s done so even though the Centre’s adjunct theatre building is called the David Mackenzie Building.

I first worked with David when I was on the Victoria Row board and David was at CADC, and found him to be an intelligent and effective organizer. He is in no small way responsible for getting Confederation Landing Park built, and Victoria Row renovated. And it looks like he’s managed the speedy and difficult task of getting the Centre renovated with the same efficiency.

Oliver and I attended the Centre’s Renovation Celebration yesterday, and the place looks fantastic.

So kudos to David (and his staff) for pulling this off.


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David Mackenzie on July 15, 2003 - 00:53 Permalink

Seems like a pretty decent guy to me.

David Mackenzie

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Olivia Rukavina on June 9, 2022 - 08:42 Permalink

20 years