Kim Has Been Abducted By Aliens

When Oliver and I arrived at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning as usual, we were greeted with the sad news that Kim Dormaar had been abducted by aliens:

Kim Has Been Abducted By Aliens

While, of course, we had some concern for Kim’s welfare — what kind of aliens? for how long? are they treating him right? — our chief thought at this point was “what are we going to have for breakfast?”

Fortunately Karin LaRonde was standing by, ably assisted by various members of the Nicholson clan, with tofu scrambler and walnut cranberry tofu crumble cake (the name of which I probably have wrong, but it’s very good).

I should be smart enough to reason that if Kim was too occupied by his alien adventures to properly service the market, he would also be too busy to provide smoked salmon to Casa Mia. But I am not, and thus visions of smoked salmon bagels danced in my head when Oliver and I showed up on Sunday morning. Alas there was no smoked salmon in the house, and so I was forced to innovate.

Being an egg liberationist as I am, most of the breakfast entrées were off limits. Fortunately Chef Cam came to the rescue by agreeing to prepare an egg-free variation of the breakfast burrito, substituting grilled vegetables for the eggs. It was fantastic, and I may be forced to place it into the regular Sunday rotation.

Casa Mia Breakfast Buritto