Key, MacNeill and Young

It’s a rare Friday morning that I’m up and alive by 8:00 a.m., so I’m not a regular listener to the Island Morning Friday morning “political panel,” a discussion among Nancy Key, Paul MacNeill and Ross Young about Island politics. But if this morning’s example was typical, I’d say it’s time for a new crew, as all I heard was 10 minutes of content-free personal sniping and inside jokes.

Yes, rapport is important. But this is a case where there’s either too much rapport or too little. In any case, it simply wasn’t good radio.

By the way, this morning’s show also marked the exit of Barbara Nymark from the CBC. I first met Barbara almost 10 years ago when Catherine, Steve and I crashed the CBC’s “feed our advertisers lobster so they advertise more” night, and we found we had both a family doctor and a automobile (Nissan Sentra wagon) in common. Since then we’ve worked together a few times, usually when some burning technology issue has popped up in the headlines. I’ve always enjoyed working with her, and wish her the best in retirement.