Kevin O’Brien finds his voice

It’s almost 3 months to the day that Kevin O’Brien has graced the halls of the Internet with his daily commentary.

While Kevin’s musings are always good (if teeming) reading, they have, to this point, tended to be arms-length from his personal experiences. Which is not to say that they haven’t reflected and been informed by his personal experiences, just that he has tended to move back several layers of abstraction to paint with a broader brush.

Weblogs are most interesting, I think, when their creators manage to smash through this urge to paint broadly and to base comments on what’s happening in their own lives. This is a fine line, of course, and there is an equal and oppossite danger of weblogs becoming too self-reflective.

In any case, I was happy to read this piece from Kevin this morning. While I can’t say that I agree with the broad premise — It may be time to bust some heads… — I think it’s the most compelling thing that Kevin’s written yet.

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