Kate Rusby

Kate Rusby I accidentally discovered musician Kate Rusby, who’s been described as a “Mercury Prize-nominated, flag-waving folk princess.” Think Dougie MacLean plus Tori Amos. You can buy her CD’s at Indigo, at least in Charlottetown. Wonderful voice.

By the way, I couldn’t remember Tori Amos’ name, so I gonged up my brother Johnny and our Jabber chat went like this:

john_rukavina says: hello
peter says: Need a name:
peter says: Female singer/songwriter
peter says: Flaming red hair.
peter says: Plays piano.
john_rukavina says: Bonnie Raitt?
peter says: No, younger.
peter says: More hip.
john_rukavina says: Sarah McLachlan?
peter says: No, American, with bigger lips.
john_rukavina says: Tori Amos?
peter says: Yes. Thanks. oo
john_rukavina says: oo

Everyone should have a brotherly reference source. Between my three brothers, I don’t think there’s any popular culture fact that I can’t find the answer to in 10 minutes.