Karine Polwart, Gordie Sampson, Tim Banks, Lennie Gallant

From Karine Polwart’s latest newsletter:

The last song on the Come Away In EP hasn’t, as far as I’m aware, ever been released. Lovelines was co-written in fleeting session with Canadian songwriter Gordie Sampson, whilst on a trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where my children’s father is from. Gordie is a Nashville-based writer now, with songs under his belt for country A-listers such as Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Faith Hill and LeAnn Rimes. You can definitely hear his influence in the style. Still, I think it’s a bonnie wee thing, that’s much happier for not gathering virtual dust on a hard drive in my office.

We saw Gordie Sampson at The Trailside in 2007 on a memorable night where we were seated between Lennie Gallant and Tim Banks:

The only stain on the evening was the lurking presence of Lord Voldemort at the next table. And thus the ever-present, if completely irrational, fear of imminent disembowelment. Lucky for me, Lennie Gallant was sitting on the other side of us, and so my scenario-planning included situations where Lennie would leap to my defense with some freaky Rustico-style jujitsu should I be assailed. In the end Voldemort kept to himself, no eye contact was made, and I lived to fight another day.

Gordie Sampson is certainly a virtuoso, and he put on an entertaining couple of sets. If you ever have the opportunity to take in his show, especially at a venue like the Trailside, do so. We capped the night be staying just long enough after the closing credits to hear the aforementioned Lennie Gallant play a tune.

To listen to the song Polwart recorded with Sampson on her Cape Breton trip requires joining Hudson Club, a subscription offering from her record company; a bonnie wee thing indeed.


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"freaky Rustico-style jujitsu"... This made my day.