Justice Girls

I’ve run hot and cold on Just Us Girls over the years, but I gotta say that the last three or four times I’ve been there it’s been a very positive experience: excellent, friendly (dare I say “sassy”) service with tasty food. Catherine and Oliver and I were there last night to avoid cooking in the punishing heat: Catherine and I both had the cold watermelon soup, which was an excellent balm for the heat; Oliver had a plate of fresh vegetables with dip (which was nice to see on the kids’ menu, as an alternative to the “deep fried X” that one usually sees). Very good hygge.


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Ann on July 13, 2008 - 22:35 Permalink

On your advice, I gave the place yet another try. I am happy to report I had a fabulous meal…most impressed. They have a new chef there this summer which Explains Everything.