July 1, 1873

As quoted in Prince Edward Island and Confederation 1863-1873 by Francis Bolger, an 1873 quote from the Patriot in reference to Prince Edward Island joining Canada:

On Tuesday, July 1, whether for weal or for woe, Prince Edward Island became a Province of the Dominion. At twelve o’clock noon, the Dominion Flag was run up on the flag staffs at Government House and the Colonial Building and a salute of 21 guns was fired from St. George’s Battery and from H.M.S. Sparton now in port. The Church and city bells rang out a lively peel and the volunteers under review at the city park fired a feu de joie. So far as powder and metal could do it, there was for a short time a terrible din. But among the people who thronged the streets there was no enthusiasm. A few minutes before 12 the Sheriff, Mr. Watson, stepped forward on the balcony of the Colonial Building and read the Union Proclamation. He was accompanied by two ladies and a half dozen gentlement. The audience within hearing consisted of three persons, and even they did not appear to be very attentive. After the reading of the Proclamation was concluded, the gentlemen on the balcony gave a cheer, but the three persons below – who like the Tooley St. Tailors who claimed to be the “people of England” – and at that moment represented the people of Prince Edward Island, responded never a word.”