Josh Ritter, Susan Gibson and Woody Guthrie

From Ann comes a nudge towards Josh Ritter. I’m listening right now. Ann doesn’t recommend lightly, so I will explore.

And via Grassy Hill comes Susan Gibson from Texas. The title track [MP3] of her album Chin Up is fantastic: the kind of music that shoots clean into your diaphragm and enlivens your insides with glee. The rest of the album is great too. Texas demands more of our cultural attention.

By the way, Susan is playing at the 2004 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma, running from July 14 to 18. If there was ever a reason to go to Oklahoma, this is it.

One more music note: the Good Music Recently Heard section that appears at the right of all pages here now has an archives page all its own that lists all the music I’ve been captivated by of late.