Jon Lee Anderson in Iraq

If you haven’t had an opportunity to hear him on Charlie Rose, you can listen to Jon Lee Anderson online. He’s a well-spoken voice about the situation on the ground in Iraq.


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Jeff on August 9, 2003 - 01:41 Permalink

I’m a news junkie and have followed the Bush Iraq war in TV and as much print as I can get a hold of, and Jon Lee Anderson has had the most compelling reporting that I have seen and heard. His stories from the people who live in Iraq differ from what we normally get from CNN, MSNBC and of course FOX. There seems to be a growing chaos in Iraq that was predictable before the war and is unfortunate now that it has come to pass. Bush’s just released 100 great things about our occupation of Iraq differ greatly from the reporting on the ground there. Anyway, back to JL Anderson, in my opinion he is one of the best.

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Nick DiMartino on August 21, 2004 - 20:58 Permalink

Jeff, I want to know more about Jon Lee Anderson. I’m a bookseller reading the advance of his new book, The Fall of Baghdad, which comes out in October. What a great writer! I thought he was British, but halfway through the book he’s just referred to himself as American. Can you tell me anything about this incredible guy?