Johnny’s Back in Town

The song goes:

I had never thought to ask you
How you happened to get such a name,
But along the coast there are places
Where you’ve earned yourself quite a fame.
Growing up, my brother was always John, and I think, because of this song (Surabaya Johnny from a three-song cycle set by Kurt Weill, the other two songs of which are Song of sexual slavery and Le grand Lustucru), it’s been a hard road for me to come to conceptualize him as a Johnny. After all, the song continues:
You talked a line, Johnny,
Nothing was true, Johnny,
You tricked me good, Johnny.
From that first day.
I hate you so, Johnny,
How you stand and grin, Johnny
take that pipe out of your mouth, you dog.
But let us not dwell on the negative… think of the Great Johnnys of our time: Carson, Fever, Rotten, Cash, Wayne.

And so, slowly, I learn to embrace the concept of Johnnyness. I’m not there yet, but the road is shortening.

Oh yes, I forgot how I started: Johnny’s website is back in action.