John MacGillivray at 100 Prince Street

When we moved into our house on 100 Prince Street in the summer of 2000, the Reid family, from whom we’d purchased it, left a sketch for us on the mantle.

We didn’t know anything about the sketch or the artist until this fall: I noticed that it was signed by what looked to be “John MacGillivray,” and, on a visit to Brìgh Music & Tea a few weeks ago, I happened to ask personable co-owner Mary MacGillivray whether she might be any relation.

That’s my Uncle Johnny!” exclaimed Mary.

John MacGillivray, it seems, is, among other things, a prolific sketcher of houses, ours among them.

Mystery solved.

Sketch of 100 Prince Street by John MacGillivray

Here’s a thumbnail history of the house–minus us, of course, as it was written well before we moved in–that’s taped to the back of the frame:

Thumbnail history of 100 Prince Street.


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Timothy Cullen on October 26, 2017 - 12:45 Permalink

He used to live around the corner from our hosue and sketched 308 Euston for my parents many years ago. It was coloured with watercolours and I was always impressed that he got the yellow colour of the front door. I know it was done before I was10 or 12 years old becuase the sketch had a small bush in the front yard that was cut down while I was still quite young.