Joe Sherman’s Friends

I was buying myself a Fruit & Nut chocolate bar this afternoon — the king of “chocolate bars with things in them” in my eyes – over at the tobacco shop in the Confederation Court Mall. Standing at the cash, with my mind on 34 different things, I saw a label on the candy case that I took to read “Joe Sherman’s Friends” and thought to myself “wow, that’s a great name for a candy – I wonder what it is.”

As it turned out, I was looking at a somewhat distressed label for Fisherman’s Friends, and so I’ll never know the answer to that question.

In any case, it turns out that the late great Joe Sherman is, for some reason, flickering around the edges of my mind these days.


Ann Thurlow's picture
Ann Thurlow on March 7, 2011 - 21:27 Permalink

He was also on my mind today, too. Very odd.

Ronsworld's picture
Ronsworld on March 8, 2011 - 16:00 Permalink

Maybe time to letterpress a Joe poem.