Jim Munves

Sitting here in the airport in Amsterdam I received the sad news that Jim Munves, a neighbour and great Islander, has died.

Jim and his wife Barbara were fixtures of our neighbourhood; I saw them just a few weeks ago walking around the block together. Jim briefly lost track of Barbara when she and her aid took a shortcut through the Murphy Centre parking lot; there was a palpable look of joy on both their faces when their reconnected.

Even though he lived just a few blocks away, shared an interest in public transit, and used to write talk pieces for The New Yorker, I never introduced myself to Jim. I always meant to, but was forever in a hurry; “I’ll get him on the next round.” Alas that’s exactly what I did last week, even though the opportunity presented itself. And so we never met.

By all accounts, Jim’s was a life well-lived; our neighbourhood won’t been the same without him. My sympathies to Barbara and their children.


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Martin Rutte on September 5, 2018 - 08:03 Permalink

A lovely post about Jim Munves.
I thought you might like to post it so the family will see it.
Go here: http://www.islandowned.ca
Click on Jim Munves and then on the left hand side click on 'Send a Condolence'.
I think the family would like to see your tribute.