JetsGo Goes 404

I woke up this morning to the news that JetsGo has ceased operations. Oddly, I first heard the story on the 9:00 a.m. CBC news just as I woke up. In my sleepy haze, I didn’t recognize the reporter’s voice. It was my brother Steve, live from Trudeau Airport in Montreal.

The JetsGo website has either been taken off the air, or is overwhelmed with [angry] traffic.

Oliver and I took our first JetsGo flight almost three years ago. It was great. It wasn’t so great for others.

Oliver and I are heading to Ontario again in a week. I came close to booking us on a JetsGo flight, but decided, in the end, that it was more convenient (and cheaper) to fly WestJet from Moncton to Hamilton, which is closer to Mom and Dad’s house.

Having taken a European trip in the middle of the last Air Canada strike, I’m familiar with the chaos that airlines shutting down causes for passengers: if you’re stranded on the other end of a JetsGo flight, you have my sympathy.

For the record, given my history of killing airlines with my patronage, I have not flown JetsGo at all in the last two years.